About Pietra

We Are Rediscovering the World!

Pietra, serving for more than 50 years in 40 countries and 190 cities, has over time become one of the world's leading event agencies.

Pietra provides services to corporate firms both domestically and abroad, and has continuously improved its quality and services through national and international events.

Whether it is a two-person meeting in a hot-air balloon or a city-capturing convention of 5,000 people, Pietra delivers its services professionally and with a smile."

  • Pietra's four departments are teamwork and cooperation oriented. Together, they:
  • Expertly analyze expectations and predictions,
  • Work based on the principles of honesty and transparency,
  • Promise to use all available resources, talent and potential,
  • Closely follow operational efficiency and cost studies,
  • Assuring stability by fulfiling its financial responsibilities, Peitra serves you through Travel Services, M.I.C.E., D.M.C. and Health Tourism in Istanbul and Chicago offices.