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The best feeling in the world,
is knowing that you have made someone smile...


Hotel Reservation

Feel right at home, wherever you are.

Domestic and International Flights

Don't let your business trip "lose altitude".

VIP Transfer

You are never alone in the places you travel.

Pietra Magazine

You can reach all issues of Pietra Magazine from below.



A brand new Pietra!

While we have been successfully conducting our businesses for over ten years, the world has continued to change rapidly. Pietra has now caught up with the times thanks to its new logo and corporate identity.


"Health tourism" means Pietra Health

We aim to foster faith through our new department. Health is no laughing matter, which our experienced team knows all too well.


We are rediscovering America with Pietra!

If the world is ready to change, we are ready to adapt to it. It is time to bring the expertise we have brought to Turkey to other continents. Our Chicago office will very soon be at your service!


Pietra Journal!

Our periodical, Pietra Journal, is on our website with a new issue! You can also find past issues on our site.