Marriage Ceremony

Almost all over the world we wear the wedding band on the 4th finger of our left hand, which is called the “ring finger”. Why do you think that is? Here is an impressive story.
The legend is that the vein in the ring finger of the left hand connects directly to the heart, house of love.
Beyond this simple legend it is also told that every finger represents somebody. Our thumbs are our parents, our index fingers are our siblings, our middle finger represents ourselves, our ring finger represents our life partner and our “pinky” represents our children.
Now, let’s put our hands together palms facing each other, then, bending our middle finger and position our hands back to back.
We can separate our thumbs because we will, one day, leave our parents.
We can separate our index fingers because we will, one day, leave our brothers and sisters.
We can separate our pinkies because our children will, one day, leave us.
We cannot, however, separate our ring fingers; because ring finger represents our partner for life, our unity and our oath, “till death do us part”.
You may wish to celebrate the most special, most romantic day of your lives in exceptional places and with exceptional ceremonies.
You can mark your unity with a traditional ceremony in India, or,
You can say “yes” during sunset in Malibu.
Tell us your dreams, Pietra will make them come through.