Destination Management Company

While Pietra is making umpteen organizations in different countries abroad, it also has been hosting and rendering service for the guests coming from abroad to Turkey.

Thanks to our expert and multi-lingual staff,
  • Programs arranged according to demands of our foreign guests
  • Our sophisticated history keeping different cultures alive
  • Our World-famous gourmet cuisine.
  • Mountain Climbing, cruises, skiing, entertainments, lowlands, plateaus, antique theaters and thousands more
alternatives that are not listed here

Make our guests satisfied, wherever and whatever they want to do….
Turkey is an excellent destination for your meeting and trips whether they are having scientific, social or motivational purposes.

Our bridges connecting Asia and Europe together have also been establishing bonds between cultures and people for ages…

Our staff making organizations for our foreign guests in every single region of our country, offers you the overall alternatives for reasonable price and with maximum options by arranging company-specific programs.

Whether the region you chose is Istanbul or Gaziantep, on the way back you will have thousands of photographs to show, unlimited memoirs to tell and thousands of reasons that make you want to come again and again.